The Company

V&G Information System is a company that committed to investing high standard of research and development, state-of-the-art production, marketing and selling military grade, high-end industrial systems, and similar products worldwide with excellent performance and high-level of reliability standards. The company's primary focus is to support the continuous high demand of memory storage in the field of military and defense, satellite and aerospace data recording, ruggedized data storage and customization. Thecompany understands the requirements on big storage services, confidentiality and security of every recorded data, and the longevity it supports, thus, this w i I l g ive total benefits to the customer in terms of product life cycle.

The Team

V&G employed not only the top and best talent but maintain and influence the spirit of camaraderie among it's members. Every team has its own distinguished sets of skills and capabilities that pushing and continuing to strive for improvement. The team includes doctors, masters and experts in every field that give more versatility and depth in pursuing and running each team independently but in a cross-functional way. The company believes that the basic foundation and assets in the company are the members. A warm working environment, transparent and open communincation,and balance qua l i ty of life are the essentials in maintaining and keeping teamwork spirit alive.