Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What type of memory storage I need to use?
Ans. You need to know the application:
           > involving temperature:
               C-grade (0 deg celsius to +70 deg celsius)
               W-grade (-40 deg celsius to +85 deg celsius)
           > involving performance and reliability:
                Flash Memory Type (MLC or SLC)
           > involving data capacity need to store:
                64GB, 128GB…16TB
           > type of connection 
                SATA, PCIe, VPX or miniDOM
           > type of form factor
                3U/6U VPX, 2.5″, Half-Slim, mSATA, miniDOM, M.2, on-board chip (rSSD/oSSD) 

 2. How do I know the part number to purchase
Ans. Please send your query on “Contact Us”
        or send to